Friday, February 10, 2012

Labor Arbitration in the news

Arbitrator Richard Boulanger found the city of Salem, Mass. bound by past practice to pay a retired police officer for paid holidays and vacation pay for the remainder of the year he retired.  Ruling: City must pay cop

Double secret probation? CWA reports on an arbitration award setting aside a ten year probation period imposed on an employee for, among other reasons, the Company's alleged failure to inform the grievant or the union of  the action. Arbitration Award: CWA Local 9003/Verizon Accident Plan

SEIU Local 1107 has filed suit seeking to enforce an arbitrator's award reinstating a grievant after the employer, a hospital, allegedly refused to reinstate the grievant who had been terminated for claimed involvement in a patient's death.  Union sues after Sunrise refuses to rehire nurse

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