Friday, April 6, 2012

Labor Arbitration in the News

An arbitrator has concluded that the Portland Public Schools unfairly increased the workload for remaining teachers following a layoff. New Ruling: PPS Teachers are Overtaxed; Decision Could Cost School District $1.5 Million. The award of Arbitrator William Reeves can be found here.

The Town of Stonington, Ct. spent close to $ 4,000. defending against a claim for $116. in overtime compensation. Arbitrator rules Town must pay worker $58.02. The underlying grievance involved a claim that the Town breached a commitment to equalize overtime. The Town noted that the case raised a policy issue that was likely to recur.
The Association of Professional Police Officers has filed a complaint asserting that the City of Aurora has failed to comply with an arbitrator’s decision on wages and health benefits. Aurora police union claims city not following contract

The New York Times discusses the careers of teachers reinstated as a result of an arbitrator's award.  Found to have misbehaved with students, but still teaching.

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