Friday, May 18, 2012

Labor Arbitration in the News

It was a mixed week for Arbitrator Shyman Das. On Wednesday he heard the dispute between the NFL and the NFL Players Association over whether Commissioner Roger Goodell has the authority to discipline employees for actions committed before the contract was signed in August. Appeal in Saints’ Bounty Case Focuses on N.F.L. Contract - Separately Arbitrator Das was removed by Major League Baseball as permanent arbitrator. Baseball Fires Arbitrator Who Overturned Braun Ban -

Arbitrator Michael Rappaport ordered Clark County Nevada to reinstate a firefighter who had been terminated for allegedly abusing sick leave.
Arbitrator orders county to rehire and give back pay to firefighter involved in overtime scandal - Tuesday, May 15, 2012 | 10:53 a.m. - Las Vegas Sun. The Arbitrator found that the County had not met its burden of “clearly and convincingly proving” that the grievant had abused sick leave. The Las Vegas Sun has a discussion of an earlier interest arbitration award by Arbitrator Norman Brand addressing the sick leave and disability issue. Sometimes, arbitration benefits the county-this time by $30 million  

In the ongoing dispute over the reinstatement of Portland police officer Ronald Frashour, the City has filed a brief arguing that compliance with the arbitrator’s award ordering reinstatement would violate the US Constitution, the Oregon Constitution and the Portland City Charter. Attorneys for Portland say reinstating fired Portland cop would violate Constitution, city charter |
SecondAvenueSagas has an entry about a recent interest arbitration award involving the NYC MTA. The MTA’s arbitration problem strikes back The decision was issued by Arbitrator George Nicolau and the blog contains a link to the award.

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