Friday, October 19, 2012

Labor Arbitration in the News

Arbitrator Michael Falvo has rejected a grievance filed by the Illinois Police Benevolent and Protective Association Labor Committee claiming the City violated its cba in its assignment of involuntary overtime to police officers. The parties cba limited mandatory overtime assignments to "emergency conditions ...or to perform essential functions ... which cannot be deferred." The arbitrator concluded that dui enforcement and holiday seat belt enforcement fell within this language. The Alton Telegraph has a report on the decision.  Arbitrator backs city in police OT case.

Arbitrator William Richard has sustained in most part a grievance filed by a Broward County Sheriff's Office lieutenant who had been fired for allegedly visiting adult websites and downloading sexually explicit materials on County computers. The Arbitrator ordered the reinstatement of the
grievant with back pay except for a one week suspension for an unrelated issue. Sun Sentinel: Fired BSO lieutenant must be reinstated, arbitrator rules.

Arbitrator Richard Boulanger has upheld the decision of the town of Tisbury, Mass. terminating the employment of a police sergeant for violating policy by allegedly leaving a teenage babysitter alone with the minors she was babysitting while an individual who had  sexually assaulted her and physically assaulted his wife was the subject of a police search. The individual returned to the home and raped the babysitter while the search was underway. mvtimes: Arbitrator rules Tisbury was justified in firing Sgt. Fiske

Arbitrator Bruce McIntosh rejected a grievance filed on behalf of a Newark, Ohio police officer terminated for allegedly threatening a FedEx driver who refused to return to deliver an iPhone. The arbitrator rejected the Union's claim that the City had improperly applied progressive discipline in terminating the officer. Newark Advocate: Ex-officer Hartless will not return to Newark police force.

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