Friday, March 16, 2012

Labor Arbitration in the News

A second Las Vegas nurse, terminated for alleged involvement in a patient’s death, has been ordered reinstated by an arbitrator. Fired nurse should be reinstated, arbitrator rules - News - The hospital involved has previously refused to comply with another arbitrator’s award reinstating a different nurse allegedly involved in the same incident. Union sues after Sunrise refuses to rehire nurse - News - 

The Chicago Teachers Union prevailed in an arbitration seeking the reinstatement of eight audiometric and vision screening technicians who had been laid off.Chicago Teachers Union gets employees reinstated - Chicago City Hall | According to the Union, the technicians had been “cherry picked’ and “capriciously and arbitrarily laid off.” 

A police officer accused of lying to a superior officer has been ordered reinstated by an arbitrator who did not find the lying intentional. Other actions of the officer were determined to be supported by the evidence, but insufficient to justify termination of employment. Arbitrator overturns Orleans officer's firing | 

A former police officer failed in his bid to set aside an arbitration award that upheld his termination. Former Auburn police officer Hutchings denied pension, back pay. The officer’s termination occurred just three months before he would have been eligible for a pension. The court rejected his argument that while the City could suspend him, only an independent arbitrator could fire him.

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