Friday, March 23, 2012

Labor Arbitration in the News

A King City, California police officer who also served as union president has been ordered reinstated after having been terminated following the union's no confidence vote in the police chief. Arbitrator finds King City police chief fired officer in retaliation. Daniel Selig found a retaliatory motive on the part of the police chief.

An arbitrator has upheld the termination of two sheriff’s deputies for failing to secure the passwords for their computers. Pornography had been discovered on the computers and the arbitrator concluded that it was unlikely that anyone else was responsible for viewing pornography on their computers. Arbitrator: Firings of Northumberland County porn viewers was legal.

The City of Kalamazoo has settled the claim of a a police officer who was ordered reinstated by an arbitrator last year. Pursuant to the settlement of the officer's civil suit he will retire on a disability pension. Arbitrator who awarded Kalamazoo detective his job back concluded evidence that led to his firing was embellished, manufactured.

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