Friday, March 30, 2012

Labor Arbitration in the News

Courthouse News Service reports that Unite Here Local 25 survived a Motion to Dismiss its action seeking an injuction and arbitration over its claim that former owners of the Madison Hotel breached its successorship clause in its sale of the hotel. The court determined that the sale of the hotel did not moot the Union’s claim. Union Fight at Madison Hotel Won't Check Out

Arbitrator Jack Tillem has upheld a grievance claiming that The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey breached its contract with IBEW Local 3 when it ceased providing free tolls to retirees. Arbitrator Tillem concluded that the last contract provided the benefit to the retirees for “life”. Port Authority ordered to reinstate toll-free passes for retirees

Arbitrator Claude Dawson Ames has issued a decision allowing the Clark County, Arizona school board to reduce teacher’s salary to pay for increased pension contributions. Arbitrator sides with School District in $10 million pay dispute

New employees of Westport , CT Public Works department will be subject to a defined contribution pension plan rather than the current plan pursuant to an arbitrator’s recent decision. Arbitration Decision Issued in Long Running Westport Public Works Contract Negotiation. A somewhat similar decision affects certain Philadelphia employees. Arbitrator rules for city's hybrid pension plan, created to hold down costs

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